Holidays in South Africa - amazing beaches, wildlife and outstanding beauty
Wildlife spotting in South Africa


south african wildlife on holiday

Most visitors to South Africa rave about wildlife, safari and the opportunity to view animals and birds in the wild.  South Africa is a holiday destination that allows visitors this privilege.  We need to not only appreciate animals but also to learn about them and try to preserve their habitats which are under threat even in South Africa.

Bright South African birdsTourism and organised safaris are one way of raising enough money to help counteract that threat and safeguard endangered species. Some game reserves and wild parks run volunteer schemes for those who would like greater involvement.

 South Africa is rich in wildlife compared to many other countries. You may encounter baboons, ververt monkeys, wart hogs, mongoose, various deer and many other creatures near roadsides. 

The birds are varied and often beautiful colours, even those that visit suburban gardens.