Western Cape, South Africa


The Western Cape South Africa - Camps Bay beach

The Western Cape – place of the seas and the mountains and the views and clean air! The renowned southeaster blows the pollution away charismatically and constantly so that the air is always fresh and sweet. One of the many reasons why people visit the Western Cape, apart from Cape Town, Robben Island and Table Mountain is the fabulous weather and summer sunshine. As visitors learn more about the Western Cape, they want to return to see the desert carpeted by a mass of flowers during spring or spend more time wine tasting in the wine producing valleys, or visiting the colonies of penguins around the Cape,

Enjoy drinks and dining out at Cape Town's WaterfrontCape Town, South Africa's mother city, is home to the DA party and cosmopolitan peoples. Housing the South African parliament, fishing, tourism, wine, fruit, finance, commerce and textiles make this mostly urban province buzz.

The climate and lifestyle of the Western Cape are Mediterranean making it feel like a floating pleasure island. The long summer days mean late sunset dinners and early sunrise exercise on the beach or promenade to start your day. Everyone in Cape Town appreciates their surroundings and the weekends are bustling with traffic and voices and markets, wine tasting and fun.

“There was no close parallel to the miraculous thing that happened at the cape called Good Hope. In 1488 Captain Bartholomew Dias in a Portuguese caravel rounded this cape, which he considered to be the southernmost point of Africa, and he proposed going all the way to India, but like other captains before and after, he found his crew afraid and was forced by their near-mutiny to turn back.

In 1497 Captain Vasco da Gama landed near the cape, remaining eight days and establishing contact with large numbers of small brown people who spoke with clicks.”

So begins the third chapter of The Covenant by James A. Mitchener and by the time one gets to the final paragraph, one has eagerly learnt more about South Africa’s history than any museum or text book could teach one! 

The best way to find out more about the Western Cape is to visit first hand. Many people visit and fall in love with the Western Cape and retire here to 'the pleasant and easy  life' they discover.

Cape Town Waterfront