Holidays in South Africa - amazing beaches, wildlife and outstanding beauty
Things on your 'Must Do' list when on holiday in South Africa



South Africa - land of the great outdoors

South Africa is the land of the Great Outdoors with wonderful opportunities for sports and outdoor activities as well as wildlife spotting and bird watching.

All the following activities are possible and indeed some are recommended when on holiday in South Africa:

Sporting activities




Diving with or without sharks

Hang gliding


Horse riding

Mountain climbing

Mountain biking

Wind surfing


Extreme Sports

Bungee jumping


Organised tourist activities South Africa

Experiences to add 'memorable' to a holiday in South Africa


Boat trips and cruises

Deep sea fishing

Helicopter flights

Visiting game reserves

Whale watching



There are various projects that you can work on as a volunteer and help conserve wildlife and environments or find out more about South Africa's people and their daily lives


Tourist Culture and Entertainment

Art Galleries and exhibitions


Concerts and Music Performances


Guided Walks

Learning English

Shopping Tours

Wine tasting