Health and Safety in South Africa


South Africa health and safety

Sometimes people have a greater concern for threats posed by theft and violence than pestilence and disease when travelling to South Africa.

health and saftey in South AfricaThe degree of risk varies depending on the areas you visit.

Innoculations and Malaria

One of the first things most of us do is to find out what innoculations we need to have and whether we need to take Malaria tablets.

The parts of South Africa with a risk of malaria is low-lying ground in Eastern Africa and Swaziland. If you plan to visit the Kruger National Park you need to take malaria tablets and have been innoculated against Hepatitis A and B and have had a BCG immunisation. A visit to your GP a few months in advance of your trip will ensure that you are adequately protected.

There are various diseases such as Dengue fever, also caused by mosquitos that you could have the misfortune to catch.

One reason that so many people prefer flying in to Cape Town and touring in that area is that they do not have to take mosquito tablets, the drinking water is clean and safe and the risk of other diseases and crime much reduced.

Tap Water

Tap water is safe on the whole in South Africa. Be cautious in eastern rural areas and if in doubt buy bottled water or use water purification tablets. A nasty bout of diarrhoea can stop you in your tracks and spoil your holiday.

First Aid Kit

Come prepared with your own First Aid kit containing:

  • plasters including blister plasters
  • scissors and tweezers
  • anti-histamines
  • medication for stomach upsets and diarrhoea
  • paracetemol
  • Malaria tablets should you require them
  • A pack of sterile needles and syringes should you require a blood transfusion in a remote area. There is a high incidence of HIV in South Africa so wise to take precautions.


Additional substances

  • insect repellent containing DEET
  • Sun screen

All of the above items can be easily purchased in town and cities in Spouth Africa. We found the cost in 2010 to be higher than the equivalent in the UK

 Crime in South Africa

Most tourists visit South Africa without any incidents. Observe sensible precautions such as:

  • don't leave valuables left unattended,
  • don't venture into city centres at night alone
  • lock important possessions such as passports in your hotel safe etc