Self drive holiday, South Africa


 Self-drive is easy in South Africa

Hire a car from the airport and you're all set for a self-drive holiday in South Africa

Car rental is much the same the world over. With a good road network, little traffic and fast roads, you can cover those miles in South Africa without too much hassle. Make sure that you have air conditioning if you visit in the summer, a good road map and perhaps hire a South African SatNav if you plan to use the dirt tracks and go into the bush.

A few terms you might need whilst driving in South Africa

  • Traffic lights are often called robots
  • Roundabouts are traffic circles.

 petrol station south africaPetrol Stations

Petrol Stations are generally found in or close to larger towns and cities. When travelling through sparsely populated regions it is best to fill up regularly.

The free tourist maps available from Tourist Information have petrol stations marked on them.