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How South Africa got its name


South Africa Cape Point

South Africa gets its name from its location as the pedestal of the African continent. A country shaped like a squashed mango, it boasts one of the strongest economies of the 54 countries that make up the huge land mass.The Indian Ocean lies warmly in the east and south and meets the cold Atlantic Ocean at Cape Agulhus (not at Cape Point as many people still believe). Those who have been brave enough to attempt swim in the West  cape can vouch for the temperature of the water.
It was the Portuguese navigators who named this headland “Cape of Needles” – Cabo das Agulhas - when they realised how accurately magnetic north coincided with true north here! Today the International Hydrographic Organisation defines Cape Agulhas as the dividing point of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Cape Point is the southern-most point of South Africa, one of the most beautiful places on the coastline with its white beaches, many fish wrecks, walks and wildlife, not to mention the main tourist attraction being a walk up to the lighthouse and a meal at the picturesque restaurant.

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