Holidays in South Africa - amazing beaches, wildlife and outstanding beauty
Good buys in South Africa - treasures and souvenirs
Good buys in South AfricaUnfortunately the luggage limits nowadays prevent us bringing heavy treasures home. However, here is a list of some value for money goods:
96% of the world’s cashmere is produced in South Africa. Buy a soft and lightweight throw for your bed or to cosy up in on your return to the cold and wet. It will continue to remind you of your time in the sun.
Let us introduce you to ‘monkey balls’ or if you like to be polite ‘monkey apples’. These are a natural fruit that is dried and painted and used to adorn your rooms. There are also some beautiful glass and metal version available.
Wooden bowl. You will need a wooden bowl to display your monkey balls. A wide variety of bowls are produced in South Africa in various woods, painted or carved.
Ostrich eggs. A clutch of ostrich eggs displayed in a container makes an impressive ornament. Those clever South Africans also carve or paint ostrich eggs into miniature works of art to display in your home.
The Zulus are well known for their bead work. Find jewellery and bead embellished items for sale that bring colour into your life.
Wooden carving of all types is found everywhere, much of it high quality. Discover fascinating carved African chairs as well as everyday household objects.
The best feather boas in the world come from South African ostriches. Ok, perhaps a feather duster is the more sensible option, or perhaps you could wear the boa whilst you dust!